Please follow the details below to book your child’s attendance.

Thank you for your interest in the Family Arena Winter 2022 Holiday Activities for ages 5-18. Please follow the steps below to register.

Ages 5-11: Christmas Fun and Celebrations
Date: December 22nd, 9pm – 2pm

Ages 12-18: Movies
Date: December 22nd, 9pm – 2pm

Venue: WFCM 73 Hollow Way. Cowley. OX4 2ND

No of spaces: 30 for each day

Please follow these steps to register:

  1. Against Activity, select age group (5-11 or 12-18)
  2. Select date in December, 2022. Number of places remaining are indicated in the brackets ( )
  3. Fill the form with the necessary information
  4. Submit to register
  5. Please repeat steps 1-4 to register separately for each child.

Thank you.